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Guests can now order Food & Beverages in hotels & resorts with Tripeeze WebApp.

Guests can now order anything they want in hotels & resorts with
Tripeeze WebApp.

What are the benefits of Tripeeze WebApp?

Increase F&B revenue without hiring additional staff

Prevent losses due to fraud with in-app payment

Gamify the ordering experience through AR

Launch a pro-active upselling strategy through AI enabled push notifications

What hotels are saying about Tripeeze WebApp

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Julien Philibert MGallerySofitel
Grand Hôtel La Cloche

It saves time, it saves me maybe 2 or 3 round trips to take an order. Bring the menu, take an order, prepare the order, bring it, maybe if there is an additional item on the order… So it allowed me to facilitate other orders that I could not have had.

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Eric Balland General Manager
Dina Morgabine Hotel

It’s a rather amusing app that brought us speed, kept the human side and allowed us to stay in touch with the guests! I think it helped us unlock the secret of fetching small orders left and right in corners of the hotel where the staff was not used to going and helped us increase our revenue. It was great, we were delighted!

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Alice Dumas SPA manager
Hotel Dina Morgabine

As a professional I think it’s really interesting because we make the connection easier for the customer and it’s easy for everyone, the easier it is for the customer the more they consume, that also allows management, I think, to know what is the rate of responsiveness of each person on the team and be able to motivate them based on that!


Is Tripeeze WebApp connected to the hotel's POS system?

Our webapp is a stand-alone platform providing us with the agility to serve hotels. However, we do have the ability to connect with Hotels that use the Oracle Micros/Simphony POS thru an API and is available upon request.

How easy is it to train the hotel staff?

During the implementation phase, we provide the training for hotel management and staff. The key take-away is that Tripeeze is very simple to use (accepting & delivering orders on property in just a few clicks). In regards to staff turnover, we help hotels with a "train the trainer" approach!

How do you create WebApp awareness in the hotel or resort?

Tripeeze WebApp provides each partner hotel with a launch pack of marketing collaterals branded to the hotel that incentivize guests to easily place F&B orders. It all starts with creating awareness at check-in, in all service zones on property and in-room. We'll assist you at every step of the way!

How do we ensure that the hotel staff delivers the order to the guest exactly where they are on property?

Our dynamic microlocation technology is very precise and provides staff with the exact location of the guest on property (indoor and outdoor). From an operational standpoint, no order is lost and all orders find their home.

Once guests scan our QR code or use our Tripeeze link, do they actually order inApp?

You want proof? Here's what : 75% of guests used the webapp order at least once. 55% of these users order more than twice! 37% of users spend more than $50 per order.

What are the costs for the hotel & the guest?

We have a simple pricing model. We take a one time initial set-up fee, a transaction fee per guest and a monthly maintenance fee. Want to learn more? Contact us.

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